SahaBhagi (सहभागी)

The SahaBhagi App ensures good-governance and transparency in financial self-help groups (popularly known as SHG, BC, BeeCee, Committee, Friends-Club, Kitty Club, Money-Club etc.)

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SahaBhagi app is available on android and iOS platform.


Easy Management for Your Group-Savings Clubs

Create Club

Create new self-help clubs or import data for already running club.

Manage Monthly Savings

Easily collect and track monthly savings. Optionally charge penalty for late submissions.

Manage Loans

Collect loan requests, Disburse loans, collect monthly loan installments, intereset or late penalty.

Manage Expenses

Additional expense for the clubs can be recorded and tracked within the app.

Alerts & Reports

Members get alerts for their monthly contribution and loan installments. Monthly financial reports for admins.

Promotes Transparency

With digitalising the club, you can transparently run the club improving the trust in your club..

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